The Late September Blogs

Thought it was time to get back into this blog thing. Been a very busy couple of months with work and unfortunately I never took the time to Blog very much. Kept thinking – “Oh this would be great to blog – but I want to do this first…” once you fall behind its hard to catch up. So anyway – this is a bit of an attempt to catch up somewhat and then just keep going.

Work with the internet stuff has been very busy. Got a few websites to do locally – mostly from word of mouth which was cool. Didnt really have time to do them with all the other stuff I had planned but did them anyway. Good experience and the money was OK. Didnt take too much time.

Also been maintaining the Mildura BEA website as that happens, and also the Chamber of Commerce site. Started doing some major updates on that today – Members Directory, Forum, Committee page, advertising, and some other great ideas I have for the site. I nominated again for the committee and got on. Doing lots this year for planning for the next few years. Good stuff.

Built a vege patch in the back yard. When Fiona and I decided we were staying here in this house for another 12 months, I wanted to build a vege patch and make this place feel like home a bit. Plus its a good chance to have a trial run and make all the mistakes here. And somehow – after checking etc – we still managed to pierce the back sprinkler system underground. So now we have to use a manual sprinkler to water the back yard. Bit of a pain but wont be hard to fix. Got lots of tomatoes, capsicums, spring onions, carrots, corn and other stuff planted. The herbs from last year have virtually all come back to life and are firing along.

We have also set up curtains in the house to try to keep it a bit cooler over summer. That was fun – me and a drill attacking some walls :)

Bought a colour printer for fiona so she can print off some photos. Got a Canon i905D unit which is great. I am planning on organising a photo album online so I can post some other photos etc. Still got the Canon Ixus 400 camera but just waiting on replacement for Fuji F610 to upgrade.

Also built a new computer from scratch but thats another blog…

Michael Day

I was actually going to write about this yesterday. But just as I was getting comfy on the lounge, I got interupted a bit. The last month or so has been so flat out with a couple of big websites and other things to do. Yesterday I decided to take a couple of days off and look after myself a little bit.

Putting together this weblog and my own site was all part of Michael Day. I also watched a couple (OK – three) episodes of The West Wing Series 2. I got the Region 1 Complete Season last week and this was the first chance I’ve had to watch
it a bit. Love watching the episodes with the writers / directors commentary.

Its been good to take a bit of a break from things and look after myself a bit.

Second Thoughts

Been playing around with this weblog thing now for a couple of days. Been having a lot of fun putting together the colours and the layouts. I’m liking it more and more.

Yesterday I decided to finally do my own website. I’ve had the domain name registered for almost 12 months and I’ve been using it for email since Christmas. But I have been too busy to sit down and create a website to go along with it.

This weblog will be my main website for entering thoughts and links and stuff. But I wanted something on that domain name that would be a bit of a summary with a link to here and a link to my work.

Hello World

I guess every weblog has to start somewhere.This is my first real weblog. I kinda started one over at Blogger but didn’t like the service and only posted once or twice. I saw what typepad could do at and decided thats what I wanted.For years I could never work out why weblogs were so popular – didn’t see the big deal. For years I used to post a .plan on my unix account and used to something similar on my first personal websites. But I haven’t done that for years. I wanted a personal website where I could quickly post some thoughts and info about me. List some cool sites I liked, post some photos etc. I can do this with my job as a webmaster but I wanted something quick and easy to do. Plus I thought it would be good if it wasn’t a “deliberate” thing I had to sit down and do. If I wanted to post something I could write a quick note and thats that.Then I discovered thats what Weblogs seemed to be able to give you. Once I found Kevins site I knew this was what I wanted.So here I am.